Friday, 7 August 2015

The Journey Begins...

"You're going away for 3 months and all you're taking is 2 small bags?" commented my mother-in-law as she picked me up to take me to the airport. "Yup." I'd like to think that I'm taking my cue from Jesus' instructions to the disciples as they were sent to the neighbouring villages - take only a staff, no money or food or extra tunic. If I'm honest I equally took my cue from "The Lonely Planet" travel gurus.

While practical, travelling light is as much a spiritual practice as I begin my journey. I want to be open to whatever Spirit has in store for me. I want to travel with an open heart and open hands, to listen more than speak, and to accept the help of strangers on the way. I can't do that lugging either a big bag or set ideas.

As I begin this journey, I ask your prayers. And I will pray for you as well.


  1. How exciting!! I'm eager to read about your travels, encounters and experiences.

  2. For me, every journey begins with a certain anticipation of the will return a different person than when you left, and I look forward to meeting the new you! Keep safe; enjoy every day; cherish the down times.

  3. Today is Friday......looking forward to your next blog!